EF Kingston

EF Kingston
1999 Bay Stallion
Padrons Psyche x The Dreamspinner

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SCID Clear
CA Clear

Stud Fee $2,500

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EF Kingston 's Accomplishments:

        • 2007 US National Top Ten Arabian Breeding Stallions, AOTH
        • 2007 Region V Champion Arabian Breeding Stallion, AOTH
        • 2007 Scottsdale Winner Arabian Breeding Stallions 5 & over, AOTH
        • 2007 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Sr Breeding Stallions, AOTH
        • 2007 Scottsdale Top Ten Arabian Breeding StallionsOpen
        • 2006 AHA Endurance Nationals Top Ten
        • 2005 Canadian Reserve National Champion Arabian Breeding Stallion AOTH
        • 2005 Region V Champion Arabian Breeding Stallion AOTH
        • Numerous Regional Top Fives in Open Breeding Stallions
        • Completed over 500+ Endurance Miles

EF Kingston “The Sire”

100% of Kingston foals that have had a show career have won titles at the Class A , Regional, Canadian Breeders, Ohio Buckeye , World Cup, Scottsdale and US Nationals level.  Please see the following list of all the Kingston foals and their accomplishments.

Vegas DPA
(EF Kingston x Angelina DPA by EA Echstravagant)
2007 Bay Colt
owned by Oak Ridge Arabians, bred by Dellesta Park Arabians

2013 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion, 6&7 yr old
2013 Scottsdale Champion Stallion, AAOTH
2012 Arabian Breeder Finals Champion Stallion, AAOTH
2012 World Cup Champion Stallion, 5 yr old
2011 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion, 4yrs old

2010 Region 14 Champion Stallion
2010 Arabian Breeders World Cup Top Five Stallion
2010 Region 7 Reserve Champion Stallion
2010 World Cup Top Five Stallion, 3 yrs old
2010 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Jr. Stallion, AAOTH
2009 Scottsdale Champion 2 yr old Colt, AAOTH
2008 US Nationals Top Ten Yearling Colt
2008 Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Colts Jr. (4th overall)
2008 Ohio Buckeye Jr. Champion Colt
2008 Region 14 Champion Yearling Colt

Vernazza DPA

(EF Kingston x Angelina DPA by EA Echstravagant)
2012 Bay Filly

2013 Scottsdale Champion Yearling Filly (Jr)

WD Ultimate Kingston
(EF Kingston x GK Ultra by Gold Krugerand)
2005 Chestnut Gelding

Currently in Endurance with Janel Hopp

2008 US Nationals Top Ten Futurity Gelding
2008 Region 5 Champion Gelding, Open
2008 Region 5 Champion Gelding AOTH
2007 Arabian Breeders World Cup Winner in 2 yr old Colts (jr)
2007 Arabian Breeders World Cup Jr. Champion colts, Top Five
2006 Region 5 Reserve Champion Yearling Colt
2006 Region 17 Reserve Champion Yearling Colt

Vuitton DPA
(EF Kingston x Angelina DPA by EA Echstravagant)
2008 Bay Gelding

2011 Arabian Breeder Finals Top Ten 2yr old Colt (3rd)

2011 Scottsdale Top Ten 2yr old Colt

2011 Scottsdale Top Ten "SSS" 2yr old Colt

2010 Region 7 Reserve Champion Yearling Colt

Auston DPA
(EF Kingston x Senorita Shaklan by Echo Magnifficoo)
2008 Chestnut Colt

Currently in Performance Training

2009 Region V Reserve Champion Yearling Colt

Princeton BA
(EF Kingston x Iacy Sams by RSC Carhif)
2008 Bay Gelding

2009 Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Colt (Jr)

Kontessa Royale T
(EF Kingston x KH Fire Magic by Echo Magnifficoo)
2006 Chestnut Filly

2007 Region 5 Top Four Yearling Fillies

Kingston In Gold DPA
(EF Kingston x Zips Pale Moon AQHA)
2007 Half-Arabian Palomino Filly

2008 Region 5 Top Five HA Yearling Fillies

Dream Synsation
(EF Kingston x Symphony Of Dreams by Magic Dream)
2004 Bay Stallion

2005 Region 17 Top 10 Yearling Colt

WA Shamim
(EF Kingston x Kiss A Dream by Prince Of Dreams)
2004 Bay Filly

2007 Western Canadian Breeders Championships, Top Five Mare
Numerous Class A Mare Championships

GF Initiative
(EF Kingston x GF Simply Magic by Magic Dream)
2002 Bay Gelding

2003 Region 5 Top Ten Yearling Colt
2003 Region 17 Top Ten Yearling Colt
Numerous Class A Championships


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